Hashtag for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Hashtags for real estate Agents and Brokers

Hashtag for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Hashtag for Real Estate Agents and Brokers to boost your Business

Hashtags. When used properly, they are a kind of glue that can hold your social media marketing campaigns together across networks and boost your Real Estate Business. When used improperly, they can be the most annoying thing about social media. So what are the right and wrong ways to use them?

 Every social media hashtag you use acts as a connection with other social media users. The more relevant they are, the more exposure and engagement you get. Follow some hashtag etiquette and best practices so you get relevant follower base.

7 Real Estate Hashtag Tips and Best Practices

  1. Check out what hashtags your competitors are using. Maybe you’ll discover new hashtags to add to your repertoire. Or you could decide you don’t want to compete for the same eyeballs, in which case you can search for alternative hashtags to use.
  2. Use hashtags that influential people in your industry are using. These people are already well-established with your target audience, so why not learn from the best?
  3. Consider related hashtags. Browse through posts containing a hashtag you’re already having success with. Do you see a trend of any other common hashtags that could be included in future posts?
  4. Use Instagram’s search function. Type in a keyword that’s relevant to your brand into Instagram’s search bar then select the Tags tab. Instagram will give you a list of all the hashtags with that keyword as well as a number of posts that are tagged with it. Remember: a large number may mean a large number of people following that hashtag, but it also means there’s a ton of content your post could get buried in. Experiment with a combination of popular and niche hashtags.
  5. Don’t use too many or irrelevant hashtags. Instagram lets you work with up to 30 hashtags per post. But if your try to sneak a popular hashtag into your post that isn’t relevant to the content you will muddle your message—or worse, be exposed as a spammer. Tagging your post with a dozen hashtags is acceptable and may help drive engagement, but only if all 12 hashtags align with the content you’re sharing.
  6. Don’t forget about popular hashtags. As long as they’re relevant to the post and used sparingly, popular hashtags can help expand your reach without making your efforts look desperate.
  7. Double check to make sure that hashtag means what you think it means. You could inadvertently associate your brand with a raunchy or nefarious campaign. When you combine two or three words together, that can spell out words you didn’t mean to. Before using any hashtag, be sure to browse through the hashtag page to ensure the associated content is what you think it would be.

Twitter is the birthplace of the hashtag and arguably still the most popular place to use them.

  • When tweeting, limit the number of hashtags you use. Two hashtags/tweet seems to be the perfect ratio, as any more can clutter the update and take up valuable characters in the strict 140-character count.
  • Similarly, keep hashtags short. Not only are they easier to remember, long hashtags can be hard to understand and will eat up your character count.

Using the right hashtags on Instagram can help showcase your brand and business to new customers. Use popular and relevant hashtags to broaden your audience and build brand awareness.

  • Use a maximum of 10 hashtags per post, make sure to use tags relevant to your business and use classic hashtags, like #NoFilter or #tbt to reach a broad audience.
  • Create a custom hashtag for your business or campaign that is short and easy to remember.
  • Instead of cluttering your caption area with a mountain of hashtags, use the comment section to add searchable hashtags. 

While Facebook supports hashtags, the practice isn’t as popular as it is on Twitter and Instagram. Use hashtags sparingly on Facebook as data suggests engagement tends to decrease in proportion to the number of hashtags used. Also, keep in mind the following:

Hashtags Unique tweets per hour Retweets per hour Hashtag exposure per hour Tweets with images Tweets with links Tweets with mentions
 #realestate 646,00 187,00 4.064.908,00 0,37 0,95 0,08
 #home 562,00 155,00 2.467.242,00 0,34 0,94 0,02
 #tour 162,00 30,00 105.812,00 0,10 0,98 0,07
 #property 188,00 16,00 448.850,00 0,15 0,95 0,11
 #realtor 150,00 200,00 3.613.871,00 0,36 1,00 0,19
 #house 225,00 42,00 1.752.442,00 0,11 0,92 0,13
 #investment 108,00 67,00 379.862,00 0,07 0,69 0,23
 #news 4.912,00 1.250,00 34.442.076,00 0,15 0,93 0,06
 #market 196,00 12,00 7.547.371,00 0,17 0,98 0,02
 #business 1.454,00 663,00 34.902.412,00 0,24 0,90 0,17
 #marketing 1.792,00 879,00 17.298.996,00 0,40 0,90 0,20

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